A downloadable game for Windows

This game was made as part of the DADIU Education in Denmark, by a team of 18 in 8 days.

Dune Skater is an arcade skating game where you as the character Vai skate around the desolate desert landscape in a futuristic skating setting. Vai is alone in the world only accompanied by his hoverboard that enables him to do gnarly and radical tricks while skating on different objects in the desert as well as in the caves. Master your skills in the open world and keep perfecting that high score in the caves!


  • Left Stick to Slide
  • B to Kick Flip
  • A to Jump
  • Y for air trick: Benihana
  • X to air trick: Christ Air
  • B for air trick: Indy
  • Right Trigger to Grind


  • WASD to Slide
  • Space to Jump
  • J for air trick: Benihana
  • K for air trick: Christ Air
  • L for air trick: Indy
  • Ctrl to Grind


  • Christian Bodskov, Programmer
  • Rasmus Buch, Artist
  • Nicolai Danielsen, Programmer
  • Marie Egebjerg, Artist
  • Oliver Benjamin Engermann, Programmer
  • Mikkel Eriksen, Artist
  • Mathias N. G. Faldt, Producer
  • Henrik Gamborg, Level & Game Designer
  • William Skov Hansen, Audio Designer
  • Emil Bisgaard Jepsen, QA & UR
  • Marcus Rynkeby Jørgensen, Programmer
  • Nicolai Lykke, Lead Artist
  • Peter Madsen, Programmer
  • Henriette Meerson, Level & Game Designer
  • Stefan Mir-Mackiewicz, Lead Programmer
  • Martin Raunbak Faber Møller, Game & Level Designer
  • Nichlas Hannibal Ring, Artist
  • Sebastian Bendt Sørensen, Game Director


Dune Skater 358 MB
Version Release_v2 Oct 13, 2021